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Craft-sodas based on cold brew coffee

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Providing you with energizing, funky sodas with unmatched environmental and social impact.

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Cold brew coffee ginger ale
Cold brew coffee tonic
Cold brew coffee – Mixed  

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Breaking your daily

We use real, premium ingredients to produce drinks that taste good, energize plentiful and refresh well. Given that coffee has come to symbolize people their daily routine, we hope that this refreshing alternative inspires you to take a step back from daily routines and take charge.
Coffee farmer picking coffee beans

Our drinks are not only low in calories, they are also brewed using coffee beans that are purchased directly from the coffee farmers for a fair price.

Ethically sourced

Made with direct trade coffee beans from the Guji region in Ethiopia.

Real ingredients

Made with single-origin specialty coffee beans.

Low in calories

With only ~25 calories per 100ml, our drinks are low in calories.

We believe that great tastes, superior customer experience and a deep commitment to solving the environmental crisis is what customers truly care about.

Our drinks contain the equivalent nutritional values of

Apple slices

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